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About ENS Translate

Our portfolio includes translations in over 200 languages. We draw from a world-class team of experienced and talented language professionals, including thousands of translators, industry-specific engineers, top-notch project managers, IT, testing, and other specialists.

Our structured quality-centered methodology is compliant with best practices and international standards such as ISO 17100:2015. With customers and localization resources in six continents, ENS is known and trusted around the world for consistently delivering high-quality results that are timely and cost-effective.

We are dedicated to providing language services of the highest quality at competitive prices. To demonstrate this commitment, ENS guarantees that the translations and localized products we offer are of the highest quality available anywhere in the world. Our customers' repeat business is our greatest measure of success.

At ENS, our team provides translation services in major formats such as Dreamweaver, Pagemaker, In-Design, MS Word, Power Point, HTML and Trados.

Our multilingual transcription service uses expert transcribers to carry out work quickly and accurately, tailoring the way they work to the exact requirements of each individual client. Our transcribers are talented linguists with an ear for nuance, and that means the finished transcript will be as faithful and accurate as it can be.

We’re capable of working with projects of all sizes, from mere seconds of speech through to far more extensive or ongoing projects and we’re happy to work with audio in a wide range of formats.

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