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Professional Software Translation

Softwares are running the world these days as almost all the electronic devices we use in our day to day lives have softwares installed on them. ENS Translate understands that the software is the brain of any hardware and it requires a lot of technical expertise and dedication to localize a software. We localize softwares in over 200 languages.


What are Software Translation Services?

Software translation refers to the translation of a software for a particular country and language. Software localization ensures that people speaking their native language can use the application with ease.

Many industries like medical, legal, automotive, etc. require localization of softwares not just for electronic devices but also for their office desktop applications in their local offices.

Software localization is not only translation of the user interface (UI) but also the use of culturally sensitive graphics for the target country. A quality software localization company ensures that your software meets the language and location specific requirements. A strong and technically sound translation team is a must for any software localization process.

Eg: Software Firm's Story

A software development firm (name not shown here) developed a supply chain management software for a steel manufacturing giant based in Taiwan. This software helped in easing the day to day operation in the manufacturing plant. Seeing this, the manufacturer asked the firm to provide the same software for their plant in Germany. The software development firm immediately localized the software from Chinese to German language. After thorough testing they installed and configured the software for their plant in Germany. It was no surprise to see that that the results got duplicated and the day to day operation in the German manufacturing plant became 62% more efficient.

Who is it for?

  1. Software Companies
  2. Electronics Companies
  3. Application Development firms
  4. E-commerce companies
  5. Hospitals
  6. Multinational companies
  7. Government Departments
  8. NGOs
and many more.. START YOUR PROJECT

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Importance of a Good software Translation Company

A company gets its software localized to reach more and more people to increase their user base. With fierce competition in the software industry, a single mistake in the localization process will do a permanent damage to the image. A highly qualified testing and quality assurance team should be there to test the localized software so that the functionality of the software is not compromised during the translation process.

Our Process

Medical Translation Process

Why ENS Translate

We understand that for a device to function properly, the software coding should be highly accurate. We have a wide network of native translators all over the world who are specially trained in software localization. To work together with these translators, we have highly qualified software engineers who look into the technicality of your softwares / application.

We use latest technology for doing technical translation. With a strong team of quality assurance engineers, we make sure that your software goes through detailed testing. Working with reputed companies in the past, we are industry leaders in providing software localization services.

What can you expect from us:

  • On time delivery of project
  • Highly qualified engineers.
  • Native Translators of over 200 languages.
  • ISO 17100:2015 – quality assurance
  • Accurate translations with the meaning clear as crystal.
  • Cost effective translation

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